MESH's Orthopedic Module

Free yourself from the IT burden, concentrate on your medical tasks

M.E.S.H. is a company specialized in medical software for hospitals and clinics. Mesh's team is composed of high-level technical engineers with excellent medical software experience. The Ortho+ solution has been developed in collaboration with doctors recognized worldwide for their expertise.

  • Immediate access to patient's records
  • Coherent diagnosis using patient's symptoms and the therapeutic indicators
  • Automatically generated documents for surgical reports, anaesthesia reports, medical correspondence, prescriptions (featuring quick and reliable data entry)
  • Help with prescriptions (Thesorimed database access)
  • Automated codes associated to diagnostics and surgical procedures
  • Improve medical practices and patient's information
  • Teaching tool
  • Epidemiological data used for statistics
  • Cohort study (consultations, post op report, medical imaging)
  • Evaluation of treatment in time
  • Scientific publication tool
  • Optimize ressources (staff and equipment) of surgical and clinical services (cost saving)
  • Optimize operating room organisation
  • Improve communication between the medical staff
  • Optimize doctor's planning
  • Automatic code generation
  • Manage the average hospital stay
  • Improve medical practices (SSI Collection, Surgical site infection, Checklist, Consultation for infectious disease).